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Geography of activity

Kruonio PSPP

Kruonio PSPP, Lithuania. The Contract for consulting services on preparation of the review of international experience in extending the power control range of pump storage power plants and preliminary recommendations on possible ways of increasing equipment adjustment (control) range installed on Kruonio PSPP.

The Customer is Sprendimu Erdve.

The Contract is executed.

Panevezhskaya CCP

Panevezhskaya CCP, Lithuania. The Contract for the technical and detailed design project development of the upper level control and management system of Panevezhskaya CCP. The Customer (General contractor) is Elinta CJSC.

Kaunasskaya TPP

Kaunasskaya TPP, Lithuania. The Contract for the development of technical documentation for the modernization, operational improvement and equipment regime adjusting of the Kaunasskaya TPP. The Customer is Kaunas Heat and Power CJSC.

Kamskaya HPP

Kamskaya HPP, Russia. There are 2 hydro turbines of Kaplan type (PL20-B-500) which are under modernization (with the power increase) in partnership with Tyazhmash JSC.

Nova Aurora HPP

Design, supply, erection supervision of hydro turbine and generator equipment for Nova Aurora HPP (2x10,5 MW), Brazil.

Goiandira HPP

Design, supply, erection supervision of hydro turbine and generator equipment for Goiandira HPP (2x13,5 MW), Brazil.

Passo São João HPP

Design, model tests of Hydro turbine equipment for Passo São João HPP (2x39,4 MW), Brazil.

Corumbá III HPP

Design, supply, erection and commissioning supervision of hydro turbine equipment for Corumbá III HPP (2x47 MW), Brazil.

Infernillo HPP

The Contract for hydro generators modernization of hydro units number 5 and number 6 of Infernillo HPP (Mexico) with the nominal capacity increase of each hydro generator from 180 MVA to 211 MVA.


Complete supply of technological equipment (process pipeline and pipeline valves) and installation supervision of 3 circulating pumps for construction needs of block № 11, CCPP-450T, TPP-21, Mosenergo OJSC, Russia.


TPP-26, Mosenergo OJSC, Russia. Supply of hydraulic couplings, fittings, lifting equipment and gas supply system equipment for construction needs of power unit number 8 CCPP-420, Mosenergo.

Novgorodskaya TPP, CCPP-210

The steam line supply of high and low pressure from waste-heat boilers to steam turbines, fast-response PRDS of high and low pressure and switchgear produced by Holter Regelarmaturen GmbH (Hora), Germany

Shaturskaya SDPP (GRES), CCPP-400

Set of works on "Turn-key" construction of auxiliary steam power unit pipeline CCPP-400, built on Shaturskaya SDPP (GRES), WGC-4 JSC (equipment and materials supply, civil construction and erection works, commissioning works, putting into operation).

TPP-21, Mosenergo, Moscow, Russia

TPP-21, JSC “Mosenergo”, Russia Complex supply of technological equipment (technological pipelines and pipeline valves) for construction of CCPP-450 unit, TPP-21, JSC “Mosenergo”, Russia. Time for completion – years 2006-2008.

CH Bajo de Mina

The Contract for “Turn-key” execution of electromechanical construction part of Bajo de Mina HPP (2x28 MW), Panama.

Baitún HPP

The Contract for “Turn-key” execution of electromechanical construction part of Baitun HPP (2x43 MW), Panama

Yaivinskaya SDPP (GRES)

Energomashexport Corporation LLC completed the design, engineering, supply, "Turn-key" construction of the complex facilities in terms of the project execution "Replacement capacity Establishment based on CCPP-400 of Yaivinskaya TPP branch, WGC-4 JSC,

San Andres HPP

The Contract for Turn-key execution of electromechanical construction part of San Andres HPP (2x5,15 MW), Panama

Kolpino TPP

The Contract on supply and erection supervision works of boiler and auxiliary equipment for CCPP-90, GSR-Energo TPP, Kolpino, Russia

Rucatayo HPP

Design, supply, erection and commissioning of all electromechanical equipment based on the Contract for “Turn-key" execution of Rucatayo HPP (1x53 MW), Chile

Bihagua HPP

Design, supply, supervision of installation and commissioning of  2 groups of turbine-generator, governors, excitation systems and butterfly valves for Bihagua HPP (2х8,75 MW), Costa Rica.

San Bartolo HPP

Contract for design, manufacture, supply, supervision of erection and commissioning of main equipment for San Bartolo HPP (2х10,5 MW), Panama.

Step-down substation Bersenevskaya

Step-down substation Bersenevskaya

Step-down substation Bersenevskaya
Step-down substation Bersenevskaya 110/20/10/6 kV 2х160 MVA was put onto operation in September 2016. Energomashexport Corporation LLC provided delivery of set if equipment for the presence substation.
The substation is located at Moscow, Bolotnaya Naberezhnaya, 15, , p.10 and 11. Step-down substation Bersenevskaya is designed to provide energy supply for customers in Central, West and South-West district of Moscow. It provided energy supply for architecturally iconic buildings like Christ the Savior Cathedral , House on the Embankment,  "Udarnik" cinema, Estrada theater, the former factory building "Red October", the State Tretyakov Gallery, Russian State Library and others.

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