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Supply of equipment for TPP-26 is finalized

In August 2009 “Energomashexport Corporation” LLC accomplished supply of the valves for heating water and gas supply systems for Unit 8 of TPP-26 of JSC “Mosenergo”


Shipment of the Equipment for “Bajo de Mina” HPP, Panama

Shipment of main electrical and mechanical equipment to Pamana for “Bajo de Mina” HPP is in full swing. It’s supposed to finish shipments in December, a.c. Embedded parts of the 1st and the 2nd stages, crane of the machine hall, wicket gates, turbine mechanisms have been shipped. Hydrogenerator rotor and stator components are prepared for shipment.

Assembly of the equipment is being done in compliance with the Schedule approved by the Customer, commissioning of the 1st and the 2nd units are scheduled for 15/07/10 and 01/09/10 accordingly.

Contract for supply of HP&LP regulating valves and regulating valve for extension of “Novgorodskaya” TPP of JSC “TGC-2” (Territorial Generating Company-2)

There was signed a contract between “Energomashexport Corporation” LLC and JSC “TGC-2” for supply of HP & LP regulating valves and regulating valve made by Holter Regelarmaturen GmbH (Hora), Germany for extension of “Novgorodskaya” TPP by combined cycle units (160) with water heat recovery  operating for the existing turbines of ПТ-60-130/13. Contract implementation is fixed to the beginning of 2010.


“Energomashexport Corporation” LLC at the seating of Russian-Venezuelan Government-to-Government Commission of high level

On August 14-15, 2009 in Saint-Petersburg the VI seating of g-to-g Russian-Venezuelan Commission of high level took place.

“Energomashexport Corporation” LLC participated as an expert in the seating of Russian-Venezuelan working group on power held on August the 14th, 2009 in the office of JSC “Lenenergo”. Mr. Sergey Shmatko, Minister of Power of the RF, headed the Russian part of the working group. Within the framework of implementation of the new projects in Venezuela the authorized companies of the parties, i.e.: JSC “InterRAO of UPS” and “Corpelec”, would consider participation of “Energomashexport Corporation” LLC as a designer and supplier of equipment for HPPs. It’s stipulated by the vast experience of managers of “Energomashexport Corporation” LLC gained during implementation of the contracts for construction of HPPs in Latin America as well as present execution of some hydroprojects on “turn-key” basis (electrical and mechanical part) that enables the company to shift quickly personnel and machinery stationed in representations (in Panama and Brazil) to neighbour Venezuela for implementation of new power projects.

Commissioning works at Unit (plant No.) 23 of “Kamskaya” HPP (Russia)

“Energomashexport Corporation” LLC carried out successfully supervision of the runner shop assembly and tests at JSC “Tyazhmash” as well as erection supervision of hydroturbine equipment designed by our subcontractor “Kharkovturboengineeering” LLC to ensure observation of Technical documentation and erection manuals on hydroturbine equipment including acceptance together with JSC “Kamskaya” HPP and erection company of the quality of the erection works. Next stage – participation in adjustment and commissioning works.


“Infernillo” HPP (Mexico) – Acceptance of the equipment of Energomashexport Corporation supply

In July 2009 hydrogenerators installed at “Infernillo” HPP stator of which had been supplied by Energomashexport Corporation were tested and accepted by the General Customer - Comisiуn Federal de Electricidad.


Information on take-up the new Director General’s post

On July the 17th, 2009 Federal Inspection on Taxes & Duties (Moscow Branch) registered information on take-up the new Director General’s post of “Energomashexport Corporation” LLC, i.e. Mr. Alexander Zhigalov.


There was signed an Agreement with Trade-&-Commercial Corporation “Neftegazovye Systemy” for supply of two hydrogenerators to Panama (total capacity 98MVA), the equipment will be manufactured at “Electrotyazhmash-Privod” LLC, city of Lysva

Subcontract procedure of main and auxiliary equipment for “Baitun” HPP (Panama) is in progress.

Agreement for supply of 2 hydrogenerators (total capacity 98MVA) with Trade-&-Commercial Corporation “Neftegazovye Systemy” was signed. The equipment will be manufactured at “Electrotyazhmash-Privod” LLC, city of Lysva. “Energomashexport Corporation” LLC is cooperating much with Russian manufacturers to promote home-made hydropower equipment for export.

Election of the Chairman of the Board of Directors

On July the 14th, 2009 the Company’s Board of Directors at its seating elected Mr. Leonid Matveev as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Energomashexport Corporation” LLC.


Regular share-holder meeting of the Company

On July the 14th, 2009 the regular share-holder meeting approved results of financial and economical activity for the year of 2008, distributed dividends, approved the Company’s auditor for the year of 2009. There was elected the new Board of Directors.


Election of a new Director General of the Company

On July the 13th, 2009 according to the adopted decision the only share-holder of the Company - “Energomashrxport Group” LLC - elected Mr. Alexander Zhigalov as the new DG of the Company for the period of three years.


“Energomashexport Corporation” LLC finished shipment of the 2nd set of hydroturbine equipment for “Corumba-III” HPP (Brazil)

“Energomashexport Corporation” LLC finished shipment of the 2nd set of hydroturbine equipment including runner, distributor, shaft sealing, air admission valve and servomotor installation for “Corumba-III” HPP, Brazil (2 x 47,8 MW).

The equipment was manufactured by JSC “Tyazhmash”. The equipment was shipped to Brazil by marine transportation from the port of Saint-Petersburg. Transportation to the HPP Site located on the Corumba river, city of Luiziania, was effected by trucks.

Change of “Energomashexport Corporation” LLC share-holders

On June the 25th, 2009 Federal Inspection on Taxes & Duties No. 46 (Moscow Branch) registered officially change of the share holders’ list of “Energomashexport Corporation” LLC and “Energomashexport Group” LLC became the only share-holder of the company (100% of the authorized capital).


“Energomashexport Group” LLC bought out share of JSC “National Reserve Corporation” in “Energomashexport Corporation” LLC

On April the 28th, 2009 JSC “National Reserve Corporation” LLC and “Energomashexport Group” LLC sighed a sell-and-buy Agreement to transfer share of JSC “National Reserve Corporation” in the authorized capital of “Energomashexport Corporation” LLC in favor of “Energomashexport Group” LLC.


Geographical expansion of our work

Energomashexport Corporation LLC is expanding its activities in the traditional for Russian power generation equipment market. A priority direction is Latin America.

Our strategy for market entry in Chile was mentioned by the President of Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev at the press conference on the results of the negotiations with the President of Chile Michel Bachelet:

“…A key direction (as Ms President and I were just discussing) is cooperation in the hi-tech sectors, the sectors where we need innovative solutions, solutions that are based on the most advanced technologies. I also think that our lines of cooperation in energy sector, based on both renewable and non-renewable resources, are certainly an important component to our joint work.
Telecommunication is also one of the promising areas of cooperation which, in my view, could gain additional momentum.
In energy sector, we already have a range of fairly good projects. I hope that in the future, projects such as the ones that are being undertaken by our companies (for example, the Energomashexport company, which plans to bring new equipment and power machines to Chile’s hydroelectric stations) may also become one of the most important parts of our joint work…”

For the full version of the press conference please visit the web site of the President of Russian Federation:


Advance payment bank guarantee and the Performance bond amounting to 5.8 million US dollars in favor of “CILSA S.A. de C.V.”.

On the 6th of March, in accordance with the terms of the contract signed between “Energomashexport Corporation LLC” and “CILSA S.A. de C.V.” for the supply of electromechanical part for the HPS “BAITUN” in Panama, the Russian state corporation "Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs (Vnesheconombank)" issued the Advance payment bank guarantee  and the Performance bond amounting to 5.8 million US dollars in favor of  “CILSA S.A. de C.V.”. Both bank guarantees were issued by Vnesheconombank without any deposits or back-guarantees.


Contract for complete work execution (on turnkey terms) for gas pipeline trestles and technological pipelines construction at unit CCPP-400 of Shaturskaya TPP has been signed.

Contract between Energomashexport Corporation LLC and JSC «OGK-4» has been signed. The scope of the contract is equipment and material supply, construction, erection, commissioning and putting into operation of the gas pipeline trestles and technological pipelines construction for the constructed unit CCPP-400 of OGK-4 Shaturskaya TPP. Contract will be executed during 2009 year.


Mass media reports on our company: "ENERGOMASHEXPORT" goes in for energy business in Panama

Russian engineering company-integrator "Energomashexport Corporation LLC" has signed a contract for a suply of generating equipment for hydropowerstation "Baitun" with of 86,94 MW. Mr. Yury Veremeenko, Deputy deirector general, informed accordingly to the ITAR-TASS agency.

The contract amounted to aproximatedly 50 million dollars, and comissioning of this station located on the Chiriqui viejo river not far from Costarican border is planned for february 2012.
"For this contract we intend to have an active participation of national subcontractors. There is a hope that in the present conditions the prices in Russia will be more competitive" - emphasized Mr.Veremeenko. He also mentioned that from now on a russuian company which actuates as an integrator ensures the supply of generating equipment for the two hydrostations, among four, that are being simulteniously constructed in the province of Chiriqui, Panama.
ITAR-TASS reminds, that at the beginning of 2008 "Energomashexport Corporation" previously signed a turn-key contract for the supply, erection and comissioning of all equipment for the HPS "Bajo de Mina" with 56 MW of capacity. It will be put into operation in July 2010. The conractor for this project is CILSA company, which makes part of industrial group belonging to Carlos Slim, a well known mexican businessman.
The price of that contract totals to 43 million dollars.


New hydro project in Panama

According to the results of the bids called by CILSA S.A. de C.V. (civil construction company) "Energomashexport Corporation LLC" won and signed in December 2008 a turn-key contract for the supply of electromechanical part for one more hydropower station in Panama  - HPS “BAITUN” (the first project - HPS “Bajo de Mina” was assigned in 2007 and at present time is being succefully realized, in the first quarter of 2009 the first shipments are to be started).

HPS “Baitun” is quite similar to “Bajo de Mina”: this station is being constructed in the same Chiriqui province and river, but has a bigger installed capacity of 85 MW (42,5 MW x 2). According to the terms and conditions of this contract "Energomashexport Corporation LLC"  carries out general design, manufacture, delivery, installation and commissioning of all electromechanical equipment (hydraulic turbines with the governors and oil pressure units, hydro generators together with their excitation systems, hydromechanical and auxiliary equipment of the Plant). The duration  of the work program: 2009-2012, with the first unit to be  put in operation in January 2012  and the second unit - in March 2012.

Shipment of the first set of hydro turbine equipment including rotor, wicket gate, air admission valve, servomotors for Corumbб III HPP (Brazil)

On 7 January 2009 Energomashexport Corporation LLC has successfully accomplished a shipment of the first set of hydro turbine equipment including rotor, wicket gate, air admission valve, servomotors for Corumbб III HPP (Brazil) (2 x 47,8 MW). The equipment manufacturer is TYAZHMASH JSC. The equipment was shipped to Brazil from Uliyanovsk and Kazan’ airports.

For transporting more than 100 tons equipment (rotor – more than 30 tons, diameter – 4.5 meters) two aircrafts (AN124 and Boeing 747) were booked by Energ Power company, our Brazilian Client. The shipment of equipment from TYAZHMASH plant (Syzran’ town) till above-mentioned airports as well as from Brazilian airport Juscelino Kubitschek till HPP site situated at Corumbб river, Luziвnia, Brazil was realized by trucks.

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