At the TPP Primorskaya the assembly is completed ahead of time

At the TPP Primorskaya was completed ahead of time the installation of the mechanical part of one of the most important elements of the coal unloading system - the car dumper with a set of crushing and milling machines and sub-bunker feeders.

Not so long ago the coal arriving at the power station was unloaded by grab cranes. Unfortunately this method of discharge formed coal dust which was dispersed by the wind. At the TPP Primorskaya this problem will be solved by special equipment that ensures the secure unloading with the car dumper.

How it will be realized? A gondola loaded with coal enters into the car dumper and fastens on a platform with rails. After that it leans 160-180 degrees unloading fuel into underground bunkers. Coal falls on the grate around which from all sides is installed a powerful aspiration system that absorbs dust that occurs at the time of dumping the car and falling coal. The whole process takes no more than two minutes.

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